Soccer Datatainment

This is an email I pinged around the office today, and thought it would work as a quick and easy blog post. Boya- here you go:

Americans are the master of sports stats, and this is pretty cool from  Adidas and the MLS. They are going to try and bring a more interactive approach to watching soccer [football] in the States. Adidas are going to chip all the players in the MLS All Star v. Chelsea game this July with micoach tags [think Nike+], and provide real time performance data to coaches and fans watching at home:

Interactive Soccer

I don’t like the word ‘datatainment’ coined by wired [in fact it makes me want to vom in my mouth], but it’s a nice example of how watching TV is going to change and how people will be using their multiple screens. is currently developing several consumer digital products to incorporate the micoach data and bring fans closer the game…

 A few years back I remember talking to my mates about inventing an iPhone/iPad app that using augmented reality would provide performance data on players so you could point at individual player during the match whilst you’re in the stadium to get the stats which you have when watching at home on the TV. Maybe that might happen through this too?

Socialisation of TV

This is something I wrote for an article at work. I have pulled a few bits out which are not needed for this Tumblr. We wanted to try and give everyone in the agency a better over view of what is happening in the TV world and how it crosses over with and merges into online social spheres:


Thinkbox research in May 2011 showed watching TV and engaging with it online is increasingly normal: 60% of people concurrently watch TV and go online three times a week, with 37% of these ‘two-screeners’ doing it everyday. 37% of people have chatted online about TV content and 19% have shared TV content through their social networks.

TV is without doubt one of the most social forms of media; people love to watch, discuss and enjoy television together. With the advent of internet-connected devices, such as laptops, smartphones and more recently tablets, such as the iPad, the social aspect of TV is spreading and people are engaging with TV like never before.

 These devises are changing the way we interact with the world around us, how we consume content, how we interact with brands and make purchases. This multi-screen experience has facilitated an increasing numbers of viewers able to give real-time reaction online to the TV shows they are watching; from uploading comments onto Facebook, joining fan groups, pastiches on YouTube to shouting about it on Twitter.

GetGlue at the for front of enhanced experience