Wright Bench

I love this sort of stuff.

Making the everyday better, and especially making the everyday better in urban spaces.I wrote a while back about Swings in the Sky and seats with a view, and the below bench is super smart.

Bike Bench

This is a bike rack which doubles as a bench. This is the kind of innovation ubran planners need to be taking notice of, in my uninformed opinion, maximising the use of urban furniture to improve and benefit communities.

I posted this on my Instagram the other day.

This is a street in Surry Hills, near to my office in Sydney, where they have installed urban gardens built in sculptures. I am yet to pick any Rosemary from it, but it’s a great idea, and looks cool, to boot.

The Wright Bench was designed by Eugene Duclos, a student at Appalachian State University for the Perennial Wood Appalachian State Design Studio contest

via PSFK: http://www.psfk.com/2012/05/bike-rack-park-bench-ny-design-week-2012.html#ixzz1w7hbZiXo

Grab a pew to see the view

I posted about the billboard signs being turned into swings in China, and then I came across this in the Netherlands. Half way up a sign post or street lamp public benches have been installed, allowing users to see their surroundings from a new perspective and make a feature out of the mundanely ordinary. Created by Ohaly. I like it.